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About PFUC

Pakistan federal union of columnist (PFUC) is mainly an organization of journalism writers which was established in January 2013. This organization tries to defend the ideological boundaries of Pakistan. In addition to it; it also works to provide guidance to the fresh writers. For this purpose, this organization arranges conversation sessions among experienced and young writers. We consider “discussions” as the base for a healthy piece of writing. For discussions, such sittings are arranged in the form of seminars and workshops in which senior columnists not only guide but also aware about the ups and downs of the journalism world. PFUC is a platform where national and international affairs are discussed and reintegration of current affairs is discussed. In addition, problems raised by the columnists are highlighted and a plan is made to solve these problems.

Objectives of PFUC:
  1. Protection of ideological boundaries of country and effort for a peaceful and happy society with the help of member writers.
  2. To provide a platform to member writers where they can debate professionally, educationally and investigate on important topics. To inform them about important topics and encouragement to young writers is also an objective of PFUC.
  3. Arranging training workshops for the professional grooming; upswing of talent and steps for making investigation a hobby for young member writers.
  4. Providing platform and helping member writers for the publication of their writings in electronic and print media.
  5. Appreciation of writers with award and reward.
  6. To play the role of a think tank in national and international affairs, to point out condition of future on the basis of investigation and to give tips on presentation.

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