Adv. Board

Advisory Board, consists of senior columnists, journalists. PFUC will seek guidance from the Advisory Board when and where required.

Follwing  famous columnists have joined the PFUC advisory Board.

  1. Professor Dr Ajmal Niazi           (Columnist in Daily Nawa i  Waqt)
  2. Muhamamd Ather Khurram       (CEO   Media Network International )
  3. Hafiz Shafiq ur Rehman             (Joint Editor , Nai Baat)
  4. Mohtrama Tayyba Zia Cheema  (Columnist in Daily Nawa i  Waqt)
  5. Orya Maqbool Jan                        (Columnist in Daily Dunya ).
  6. Altaf Hussain Qureshi                  (Columnist in Daily Jang).
  7. Sajjad Mir                                       (Columnist in Daily Nai Baat ).


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