Memorandum of Understanding Between VU and PFUC


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made on March 8,2016


Virtual University of Pakistan, hereinafter referred to as “VU” was established in 2002 as a federally chartered technology based university having its presence all over Pakistan through its state of the art IT infrastructure and regional study centers.


Pakistan Federal Union of Columnists, hereinafter referred to as “PFUC” was established on January 1, 2013 to develop, educate and promote newspaper columnists; of the print and electronic media and to provide the public with better professional newspaper columnists through education and example .


VU and PFUC shall hereafter be collectively referred to as “both Parties” and reference to “Party” shall mean VU and PFUC as the case may be.


The main purpose of this MOU is to establish a strong liaison and collaboration between the two parties. The parties have understood to work jointly for the promotion of education & journalism in the region.


The following main provisions have been mutually understood upon to achieve the purpose of this MOU:

1. VU and PFUC will collaborate in the areas of common interest to promote education and strengthen journalism and young journalists in the region.
2. To build the capacity of PFUC members, VU will offer 50% concession in the tuition fee of all its undergraduate and graduate programs except PhD programs to the members of PFUC.
3. PFUC will also help VU building capacity of its students as potential journalists.
7. Faculty, students and other members of both parties may visit each other from time to time as may be required by the collaboration.
8. Faculty of VU may conduct capacity building workshops for the members of PFUC.
9. Bothe parties may also collaborate in organizing joint events.

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