Original Notification (Dissolution of PFUC Bodies)

This is the original Notification email to Mr Noor Ul Huda and all committee members  dated November 29,2017 to email all PFUC members . Notification at Face Book other than this one is fake and modfied by Mr Noor Ul Huda .




I have been directed to notify that according the PFUC By-Laws Article VIII, clause 1, 3(published at pfuc website) and the PFUC’s Board meeting it is to inform that current PFUC elected/nominated Federal and Provincial Bodies will become as dissolved on November 30, 2017.

Chairman PFUC has constituted a there member committee   that will submit its report to chairman till December 8, 2017 whether PFUC should go for election or nominations. Committee is as under:

  1. Mr Abdul Majid Malik (Head of the Committee).
  2. Rasheed Angvi(Member)
  3. Shafiq Khokhar(Member)

Chainman may have consultation with PFUC members in this regard.

PFUC membership is closed till the announcement of new Federal Body.

(Noor ul Huda)

Secretary General, PFUC

Date 29/11/17

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