Pakistan federal union of columnist (PFUC) is mainly an organization of journalism writers which was established in January 2013. This organization tries to defend the ideological boundaries of Pakistan. In addition to it; it also works to provide guidance to the fresh writers. For this purpose, this organization arranges conversation sessions among experienced and young writers. We consider “discussions” as the base for a healthy piece of writing. For discussions, such sittings are arranged in the form of seminars and workshops in which senior columnists not only guide but also aware about the ups and downs of the journalism world. PFUC is a platform where national and international affairs are discussed and reintegration of current affairs is discussed. In addition, problems raised by the columnists are highlighted and a plan is made to solve these problems.

With the dawning of the new millennium, the establishment of an exclusively dynamic and profoundly committed institution was envisioned. The vision stands realized in a short span of time. Now PFUC needs no introduction.

It has been recognized as an organization with a difference. Strategic thinking, dynamism, unwavering commitment, foreseeing future needs and educating the youth accordingly are the traits of the institution. We provide a unique opportunity to those aspiring individuals who want to make their careers in the national, regional and international Media Houses. We have sufficient strength to educate, train and equip them with the knowledge and skill needed for success. I wish to see them as future leaders.

Brilliant Community
Enterprising & Creative

I am extremely proud to join such a creative, enterprising and progressive Organization , and feel privileged to be leading the institution . The Pakistan Federal Union of Columnists has grown to become Pakistan’s flagship in writing and research-led organizations , recognized for excellence in research and service to the cause of education and society.
As we look to the future one thing is certain – knowledge will be a key resource for the socio – economic progression of the nation and the world. Our challenge will be to generate ideas and cultivate capacities in our member’s for critical thinking and complex reasoning, that will benefit the society at large. To educate and train students and young writers who after graduation can work in fields with confidence, where they could be valued both for their specialized knowledge, and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems.

PFUC (Pakistan Federal Union of Columnists ) is the leading union of columnists.The Union is organized to develop, educate and promote columnists of the print and electronic media.

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