PFUC Elections for 2016

According the PFUC By-Laws Article VIII, clause 1, 3(published at pfuc website) and the PFUC’s BOG  meeting dated November 22, 2015, it is to inform that current PFUC elected Federal and Provincial Bodies have been dissolved .

PFUC’s annual elections(for 2016) for, President (central), President Woman Wing, Senior Vice President, Secretary General, Deputy General Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, Secretary Information & Media, Secretary Finance, secretary IT, Secretary Coordination, Secretary Membership, Secretary Programs  (at Federal Level) will be as per schedule below .


Elections of Federal Body will be held as per schedule below however nominations for provincial bodies will be made with consultation of concerned provincial members by the Elected Federal body and Chairman, PFUC 

1 Election will be held on December 25, 2015.
2 Last date to submit the Nomination Form is December 2, 2015.
3 After the scrutiny, the eligible candidates will be announced on December 4, 2015.

4 Candidate has to submit Rs 1000/ election fee along with filled and signed ” Nomination Form for PFUC Election”
5 Voting procedure will be announced on or before  December 20, 2015.
6 Information about the PFUC active members (names and contact details) is available   at pfuc website . Candidates may contact them for election campaign .


1 Candidate must be pfuc active member and his membership must be at least 3 month old.
2 One member can be candidate against one designation only.
3 After Depositing the election fee ,Every candidate will email his/her Nomination Form at zarbeqalam@gmail.com   on or before the last date(December 2,2015) .However fee will be deposited to Muhammad Zahid throgh easy paisa . His Cell no is 0321 4291904 and his CNIC no is 35200-1578365-5.
4 Election Commission will consists of Chairman  as Chief Election Commissioner , Professor Rasheed Angvi and Professor Shafiq khokhar as Member Election Commission respectively  .
5 Result of the election will be announced on December 25, 2015.
6 Every member of pfuc can cast one vote for each designation .

Please download the Nomination Form for PFUC Elections 2016

Prospective candidates may launch positive campaign at social media.

Note: If nomination form is received without election fee  , then Nomination form will be considered incomplete and will be rejected without any prior notice.

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