Result of PFUC Election for 2016

Today , PFUC election was conducted  by PFUC Election Commission However Marking of vote was done by Professor  Rashid Angvi sb and verified by Professor Shafiq Khokhar sb  .Result was also prepared by both  members however it was announced by Shahzad Ch . Before the announcement of result every one present there (almost 22 persons from both panels) was asked if any one has any objection on election proceedings then he can talk . All remain silent .One the members said its Ok we trust.

As per result provided

  1. Panel A got 48 votes
  2. Panel B got 57 votes

So Panel B has won the election  except Muqadas Farooq Awan who has been elected President Woman wing .

Decision of the Election Commission is   final and binding and can not be challenged in any court of law .However any candidate may apply   for rechecking of his  votes till December 29,2016. Rechecking Request may be sent to Chairman PFUC through an email at after depositing  Rechecking fee of Rs 2000/. The person applying for rechecking will have to appear in person for rechecking according to call of election commission

Chairman will forward such request(s) to members of election commission for further process.



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