Voting Procedure For Election 2018


For the well being of PFUC,  following decisions have been made  unanimously .

Eligibility of PFUC Voter

  1. Only active members , Repeat: Only member of PFUC can vote to the candidates .PFUC members who are inactive due non submission for PFUC membership fee , may submit their fee til february 4,2018 to become eligible to vote .
  2. Only active members from the list of  PFUC members (published at PFUC website) may vote to the candidates.

Please download the Ballot Paper


Voting Procedure:


PFUC active member may vote to the election candidate through any one of the following methods on February  5,2018 from 11:00AM to 1:00PM.

  1. vote in person by visiting the place announced by EC  ,
  2. Email the Ballot Paper from his/her registered email (written on PFUC membership form) at and on mentioed day and time
  3. Vote by SMS at 03334726018 through his/her registered cell no with PFUC. Contact Nos of PFUC members has  been published at PFUC website since their membership.
  4. SMS format will be …my name is ———-  my vote for  President to( name ) , For Snr Vice president to (name name ), for Sec Information to ()
  5. while sending Ballot Paper through email No PFUC voter can cc or bcc to any of PFUC candidate/members except election commission .
  6. Election commission may reject the vote incase some one used more than one methods of voting .
  7. Result will be announced on the same day
  8. Decision of the Election Commission will be final and binding and can not be challenged in any court of law .However any candidate may apply to Chairman PFUC, for rechecking of votes within 2 days after depositing the Rechecking fee of Rs 2000/
  9. In Rechecking only recounting will be done and secrecy of the vote will be maintained

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